masopust novy bor

MASOPUST Nový Bor: Carnaval of North Bohemia

It is a long tradition: in Nový Bor, there is a carnaval in Brazil style each winter. We are there too, as we have been a few years before… come with us to one of the biggest carnaval events in the Czech Republic!

Everything starts on Friday 16th February in Nový Bor Theatre: Vibrasil Samba Show, Tam Tam Batucada  and Štěpán Rak will perform together in a surprising mashup.

And then on Saturday, there is a parade – see you 1:30 pm in front of the Nový Bor cinema, and we´ll go together to the centre of the town for more events and performances and competitions!

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Just to see how it was, you can check the pictures fromt he previous years here: