About us

Vibrasil Samba Show brings beauty, energy and passion to your event. We are a Prague based Brazilian group of exotic dancers around a main dancer, Viviane.

Viviane Mateus

Group leader

Viviane was born in Sao Paulo and raised was in energic Rio de Janeiro. As she was growing up, dance was always a big part of Viviane´s life. She participated in many projects of Brazilian forró and axé but she also gained a lot of experience in other dance styles. Viviane took lessons from the best choreographer in Rio de Janeiro –Carlinhos Salgueiro- and took a part in carnivals in Brazil. Viviane wentfrom being a passionate dancer to being a professional dancer as soon as she moved to the Czech Republic. Her first show as a samba dancer was with the popular samba group of drummers from Prague – Tam Tam Batucada. After a short time she started to work with the best dance groups as Brazil Show or Tradition. Under the name “Vibrasil” Viviane intially performed only as a solo dancer. After few years she built a successful brand and decided to open her own project – Vibrasil Samba Show. Known as perfectionist Viviane always chooses the best dancers to work with her. The stunning and breathtaking costumes are mostly designed by her.

At the moment Viviane is the main dancer and manager of Vibrasil Samba Show.

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