Hanzelka and Zikmund Tribute

Once upon a time, there were two passionate Czech travellers, Hanzelka and Zikmund. They have seen a lot and written a lot and educate a lot of people and they saved a lot too – they were saving lives during their travels and they were saving books here at home. In the dangerous 50s, they “borrowed” lots of books from the Colloredo Mansfeld Family before the communists could burn them. Jiří Hanzelka, one of the travellers, has died some time ago but Miroslav Zikmund, now exactly 100 years old, has returned all the books to the Colloredo Mansfeld family at Dobříš Castle. And we were so lucky to be there to help celebrate this amazing event and also life of two very interesting and very important people. Thank you, Mr Zikmund (and Mr Hanzelka). It was an honour for us to meet you! Forever yours Vibrasil Samba Show.

You can watch the event here: