The star of the STAR DANCE in our studio!
Now you have the unique opportunity to learn samba from the Star Dance winner and finalist! The one and only Veronika Lálová will teach samba carnaval class on 30th November in our Vibrasil Dance Studio. The price is 1000 Kč and there is a limited amount of entrants so don´t wait and reserve your spot at 🙂 the lesson is starting at 2pm, and we are looking forward to seeing you dance!
And who is the lecturer? Veronika is a winner of a well known TV show STAR DANCE, she dances latino and above all, she loves carnaval samba. Veronika travels to Brazil regularly to learn from the stars such as Bellinha / Estandarte de Ouro, Carlinhos Salgueiro and Thai Rodriguez. She is going to 2020 Rio de Janeiro Carnaval too!