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Disfrute el verano con los famosos ritmos latinoamericanos. Apúntate a nuestras clases Latino Dance Classes con sexy lectoras que te ayudarán aprender o mejorar estas prácticas y bailes famosos. Tendrás la oportunidad de conocer Reggeton, Salsa, Gafiera, Samba no pé,...
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Fiesta del Baile (25. 3. 2017)

Latino ples – Fiesta del Baile For passionate dancers who prefer salsa sensual, romantic waltz, we prepared all of this – Fiesta del Baile. Fiesta del Baile is a social event, which was created by combining the gala ball and Latino...
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(Czech) Czech Beauty – Black & Gold Night (25. 2. 2017)

(English) Come with us to celebrate the start of the new season 2017 with the big glamor party with a rich program and the launch of Playboy pictorial. The entire event will be in black and gold colors, then who comes dressed in a combination of black and gold will get a welcome drink when enter the club :-)